Sprinkler System Installations and Repairs

With the Heat in Houston & Spring, TX, Your Lawn Needs a Steady Stream of Moisture!

At A Plus Landscaping, we specialize in the installation and repair of landscape sprinkler systems in Houston, Spring, TX and surrounding regions. We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial enterprises. We use cutting-edge technology to provide the irrigation design for just the right sprinkler system for your home. Additionally, we undertake a lot of testing to check water backflow in compliance the City or Municipal Utility District. Our service comes with a warranty on parts and labor on all the irrigation systems we install.

Our goal is always to use the best and most environmentally-friendly parts and components to guarantee you maximum return on your investment and ensure peace of mind. Call today at (832) 731-0830 to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE for a new sprinkler system repair or installation service.

sprinkler system installation houston tx

At A Plus Landscaping, we're all about quality.

Our goal is to ensure you save money without compromising on quality. That is why instead of buying and installing cheap sprinkler systems, we do it professionally with high-quality components and equipment. including a PVC Pipe, shut off valve, backflow preventer, valves, controller, wire, sprinkler heads, rotors, risers and a rain sensor. The service line providing water to the system is schedule 40 PVC pipe. We ensure all the piping and wiring runs under the ground for both its protection and your safety. Installing rain sensors together with the sprinkler system saves you money.