Schedule Professional Landscape Lighting Services in Houston, TX

A Plus Landscaping expertise in Houston landscape lighting ads value, beauty and distinction to your home with our professional lighting designs that both elevate your comfort but gives you an overall sense of security especially at night. Our Outdoor lighting package can totally transform your dark mundane outdoors into a soothing ambient that speaks volumes. Let Aplus Landscaping reshape your lawn, yard, and gardens into a professionally lighted setting. Transform entryways into vibrant, warm and welcoming paths that are more safe and secure.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space, Regardless of the Time of Day!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space, Regardless of the Time of Day!

Houston Residential Lighting-We are all about excellence. Aplus Landscaping’s well-trained and experienced staff has decades of experience installing and serving all kinds of outdoor lighting systems. ThisSoftly light outdoor getaways for everyday use can soothe your spirits and offer year-round comfort, beauty, safety, and security.

Outdoor Security Lighting- Its time for you to wow your family and guests by transforming your garden into a paradise of ambient and soothing lighting. Tey Aplus Landscaping and see why our customers are totally satisfied with our service and are quick to recommend us. Enjoy reliable nighttime security and greater peace of mind!

Commercial and Large Property Lighting-The way your business looks can affect whether customers flock to you or not. Don’t settle for the mediocre. Let APlus Landscaping work on accentuating your grounds and gardens by adding just the right kind of nighttime lighting. This increases overall beauty while increasing safety and security.

5 amazing reasons to install landscape lighting

If you want your property to look bright and beautiful at night, consider hiring A Plus Landscaping for landscape lighting installation services in Houston, TX. Landscape lighting makes a fine addition to any residential or commercial space because:

  • It improves safety and security at night
  • It enhances your property's curb appeal
  • It makes your walkways more accessible
  • It helps you enjoy your yard at any time of day
  • It can highlight your stunning plants and flowers

With over 30 years of experience and a supply of top-of-the-line lighting products, we hope to be your top choice for security lighting services in Harris County.